Acrylic Sheets Ireland Explained

When giant carbon molecules combine chemically, the polymer called Acrylic is produced.Finished acrylic sheet have up to 10 times the impact resistance and half the weight of glass, while showing glass like qualities in relation to translucence, openness, clarity and radiance. Acrylic sheets can be made opaque, coloured, tinted or mirrored. A variety of finishings can be put on a sheet or finished part for performance boosting features such as scratch resistance, anti-fogging, glare decrease and solar reflective.

Due to the fact that it's a thermoplastic and softens under extremely high temperatures, acrylic can be formed to virtually any shape. Exceptionally durable, acrylic is an appropriate option over a broad temperature range, and has superior weathering homes compared to other plastics.

Extruded Acrylic & Cast Acrylic

Extruded Acrylic

When looking for perspex, simply ask for “acrylic” which is the generic material name. We keep a wide range of acrylic stocked in many thickness’s. You can ring us for more information or see our range of acrylic on our online store.

Benefits Of Acrylic Include: • Good optical clarity with light transmission up to 92% • Easy to fabricate with excellent thermoforming capabilities • Good scratch resistance • Simple scratch removal - polishing removes scratches easily • Outstanding weatherability and resistance to high temperatures • UV stable • Weight savings over glass • Exceptionally long life and resistance to natural ageing • Inert to many corrosive materials • Fullrange of sheet sizes available for optimum economic usage

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Cast Acrylic

Cast Acrylic is a rigid, hard thermoplastic material which is characterised by its colur range availability and easy fabrication. Access Plastics Ltd., are proud to distribute the Madreperla range of Cast Acrylic sheets, rods & tubes. The Cast Acrylic sheet range includes the following brand names:

Setacryl® is the basic brand of cast acrylic sheets produced by Madreperla, which has two glossy surfaces.

Polarlite® a glossy surface and a satin one.The sheets have the same characteristics as Setacryl®, but with a satin surface they allow more sophisticated applications.

Setasand® is the cast acrylic sheet frosted on both sides, developed by Madreperla SpA for applications that require improved scratch resistance and the surface is not easily soiled by fingerprints during normal use of the product.

Metallic The range of sheets named Metallic® are a product of high aesthetic effect. With its wide range of colours Metallic allows to substitute all types of metal, combining elegance and the easy way of transforming a typical PMMA sheet.

Seta-LED® is the new range of cast acrylic sheets developed by Madreperla for Leds backlighting of panels, for the realization of signs and other products.

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