Application Tapes

Access Plastics Limited offers a range of application tapes to suit all needs, from low tack to high tack in paper and clear rolls, our tapes are suitable for almost all known film types.

Application tapes must have the correct adhesive strength or “tack” to lift the cut vinyl lettering from the liner backing, yet be able to remove easily from the vinyl lettering once it is transferred to the application surface.

Choosing the correct Application Tape

High Tack application Tapes are normally used to lift smaller vinyl lettering from the liner backing. A low to medium tack application tape is normally used for larger lettering.

Application tape should be stored at room temperature. Maximum shelf life of application tapes is one year when stored properly.

Transferring Vinyl: Wet vs. Dry

In most instances, vinyl graphics are applied to the sign surface dry. However, using the wet method technique allows the graphics to slide on the application surface for easier placement and registration. Standard weight paper application tapes can withstand being wet only for a short period of time. If the tape remains wet for too long, it will tear, fall apart, or leave adhesive residue on the vinyl.

Application Steps for Wet Technique

1. Spray a fine mist of solution onto the cleaned application surface
2. Put lettering into place on the application surface.
3. Apply firm squeegee pressure from the centre out to remove bubbles and wrinkles from under the vinyl.
4. Wait one or two minutes to allow the vinyl to adhere.
5. Firmly squeegee a second time, to permanently fix the vinyl.
6. Carefully remove the tape by folding it back over itself at a 180º angle from top corner. (If tape does not remove easily from the vinyl, spray a light mist of wet solution to back side of tape and wait a few seconds.)
7. It will be necessary to squeegee the vinyl lettering one last time after removal of the application tape, particularly the edges.
8. Pop any bubbles left in the vinyl with a pin.

Application Tapes

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