Award winning polycarbonate

Access Plastics Limited Awarded 3rd Place for the Brett Martin iAwards

We’re delighted to have won 3rd place for the Brett Martin iAwards. This was our first time to enter as we felt we had an unusual and demanding application. “MarLon FS-X” 6mm thickness Clear sheet was the obvious choice. It met all the criteria set by our customer, Tall Order Structures.

The finished studio looks spectacular and has been included in the 2016 Brett Martin calendar for month of May.


Tall Order structures:

Our brief was as follows : 16′ diameter half round window with no joints, so single 7.7m long poly-carbonate sheet.

Poly-carbonate of course, since it can’t break, and is obtainable in pretty much any length.

As clear as possible without manufacturing “shudder” distortions.

Marlon sheets have the perfect stiffness / flexibility ratio ; flexible enough to be rolled up in aprox 1.2m dia. rolls for ease of transport and ridged enough not to flex with high winds.