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Access Plastics Limited offers the Oracal 451 plotter banner range. The 451 is a highly flexible special PVC film with silk-matt surface and is specially developed for short- and medium-term lettering and decoration on tarpaulins, transparents and other flexible plastic surfaces.

To ensure a stress-free adhesion, wet application is generally recommended. All substrates should be cleaned with spirit or isopropanol, prior to adhesion.

Rolls are available in 1260mm and sold by the metre.

ORACAL 451 Series Banner Vinyl

The Oracal 451 series is an 80 micron highly flexible PVC film with a silk-matt surface. It has a solvent polyacrylate adhesive with a silicone coated release paper.

Because of the wide variety of tarpaulins existing in the market today, the user should ensure that the surface is suitable for the application. It is generally recommended to use tarpaulins with a lacquer finish.

  • For short and medium term lettering on tarpaulins and other flexible plastic surfaces.
  • Can be used indoor with unlimited exposure or outdoors for up to 3 years.
  • Highly flexible.

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