Capex Glazing System

Whether it’s a new conservatory build or refurbishment, a lean-to or simply a covered section of your garden or driveway, Access Plastics supply all the necessary materials to accomplish the task. A large range of fixing accessories are available to compliment installation of Multi-wall sheet and flat polycarbonate sheet.

How To Assemble A Roof

Capex Installation Instructions

1. EPDM ‘Rubber’ Rafter Gasket. Ref 261 should be nailed to rafters through the centre channel. Nails to be 300mm apart.

2. Screw-on Aluminium Capping Bar. Ref 226 with 226G Gasketfitted. Cap should be fixed with screws no more than 400mm apart.

3. Push-fit Polycarbonate Stop End Plate. Ref 226EP gives a neat finish.

4. Aluminium Right Angle ‘F’ profile. Ref 222 supports the sides of the glazing sheet and weathers the edge of the roof slope.

5. Nylon Fixing Button. With Foam Washer, Ref 224 for spot fixing to rafters, purlins etc, on roofs with a slope of 10deg or more. Use sharp bits to drill oversize hole in multiwall sheet. Do NOT overtighten – it should be possible to just turn the button by hand.

6. Anti-Dust Tape. Ref 4840. Use at eaves (gutter) ends of multiwall sheet to help prevent dust & insect entry, whilst allowing condensation drainage. 25mm wide for sheet for 4mm-8mm thick, 38mm wide for sheet 10mm-20mm thick.

7. Aluminium ‘U’ Profile. Ref 252. covers and protects Anti-Dust Tape, whilst giving a rigid and neat finish to the cut sheet edge.

Sheet Fitting Instructions

Fitting Your Roofing Sheets

Capping bars are available in 40mm or 60mm width. You have the black rubber gasket, which will sit on the rafter. You have the aluminium capping bar, which is bead gasketed both sides and is also pre-drilled and comes complete with 60mm long wood screws and the end cap to block the end of the bar which is running into the guttering and similarly at the top end.

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Additional Components

A selection of trims, profiles and flashing solutions are available for use in roof systems, including:

Exitex Capex Bars

Capping Bars are used to fix glazing sheet to wooden rafters. The manufacturing guidelines for fixing Marlon Multi-wall Sheet states that rafters should be at least 700mm apart.

RAG gasket is fixed to the rafter using pins/small nails and then the edges of two sheets meet on top. The gap between sheets should be at least 10-15mm apart to allow for thermal expansion. The capping bar sits over the join of the two sheets and is screwed down from above, fixing the capping bar to the rafter and clamping both sheets in the process.

The same capping bars are used in the installation of Multi-wall sheet are also used in the installation of flat sheet polycarbonate.

Capex & CFX for Gable End Roofs

With multiple products and solutions vailable, the Cresfinex range allows comple installation of galzing and conservatory structures.

Capex bars, ridges, finials as well as a full range of profiles provide a complete system ensuring quick and hassle free installation.

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