Car Wrapping

If you're looking for an advertising solution that will get you plenty of mileage for the investment, vehicles wraps by far exceed other options.

Wrapping your vehicle ensures everywhere you go people will see your brand. A car or van wrap is a great alternative to individual graphics if you are thinking about advertising on the move. Your commercial vehicle will be protected against scratches and abrasions by the car wrap, which helps maintain the value of your car or van.

ORACAL Premium Wrapping Cast

Orafol have recently increased their 970 Premium wrapping cast colour range to 96 colours. The range includes also many metallic as well as matt options. The material is easy to reposition, and gives a perfect adhesion also to uneven and corrugated surfaces as well as in rivets.

If your application is specifically for large-sized even surfaces, we recommend the ‘Rapid Air’ option: ORACAL® 970RA Premium Wrapping Cast, which enables easy and rapid application without air inclusion.

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