Cast Acrylic

Cast Acrylic is a rigid, hard thermoplastic material which is characterised by its colour range availability and easy fabrication. Access Plastics Ltd are proud to distribute the Madreperla range of CAST Acrylic sheets, rods & tubes. The sheet range includes the following brand names:


Setacryl® is the basic brand of cast acrylic sheets produced by Madreperla, which has two glossy surfaces.

1418059498_Apply 8 – 10 times higher resistance to impact than glass
1418059498_Apply High resistance to external agents and UV rays (10 year warranty)
1418059498_Apply Higher light transmission than glass (transparent type)
1418059498_Apply Yellow index and haze very low even with higher thicknesses (several inches)
1418059498_Apply Easy to work with /thermoforming, bending, gluing, milling) higher than the extruded acrylic sheets.
1418059498_Apply Cool bending (radius times 270/330 time than the thickness)
1418059498_Apply Wide range of colours
1418059498_Apply Resistance to chemical attack by saturated hydrocarbons,dilute acids and alkalis, mineral oils and fats of natural and vegetal origins.
1418059498_Apply Vertical Glazing
1418059498_Apply Machine Guards
1418059498_Apply Curved Rooflights
1418059498_Apply Conveyed Walkways
1418059498_Apply Banners
1418059498_Apply Displays
1418059498_Apply Shopfitting
1418059498_Apply Windshields
1418059498_Apply Furnishing
1418059498_Apply Protection of machinery
1418059498_Apply Noise barriers
1418059498_Apply Opal and white
1418059498_Apply Clear
1418059498_Apply Dense colours
1418059498_Apply Design range
1418059498_Apply Liza fluorescent colours
1418059498_Apply Transparent colours
1418059498_Apply Opal colours
1418059498_Apply Tinted colours
1418059498_Apply Setaglas
1418059498_Apply High thickness tinted colours


Polarlite® a glossy surface and a satin one.The sheets have the same characteristics as Setacryl®, but with a satin surface they allow more sophisticated applications.


Setasand® is the cast acrylic sheet frosted on both sides, developed by Madreperla SpA for applications that require improved scratch resistance and the surface is not easily soiled by fingerprints during normal use of the product.

The surface of the sheet, coupled to the intrinsic hardness of methacrylate, gives the artefact extremely high scratch resistance and allows a real alternative to the use of frosted glass. The surface is also refractory to fingerprints and reduces the deposit of dust, due to less electrostatic charge.

Unlike other acrylic sheets that have a satin finish, Setasand®with its frosted surfaces remains unchanged even after thermoforming operations.

Applications include


The range of sheets named Metallic® are a product of high aesthetic effect. With its wide range of colours Metallic allows to substitute all types of metal, combining elegance and the easy way of transforming a typical PMMA sheet. Metallic Range includes:


Seta-LED® is the new range of cast acrylic sheets developed by Madreperla for LEDs backlighting of panels, for the realization of signs and other products.

The market, forced for environmental reasons and to reduce consumption, has a preference towards high-efficiency light sources. From this point of view , LEDs are certainly a very effective solution, and to substitute traditional neon tubes or traditional lamps, the sheets need to have two characteristics:

  • a high light transmission(both to the white light, and to colours)
  • a high spreading effect to eliminate the typical “hot spot”, characteristic of LEDs as a pointy light source.

The colours are formulated to meet the typical wavelength of LED – colours that are on the market today, in order to maintain the same tone with or without light. The formulation of Seta-LED® sheets in five standard colours: white, orange, red, green, blue.

*LT refers to Light Transmission. Colour intensity or light transmission remains constant up to 10mm thickness.

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