Composite Aluminium Sheets

Pro-Bond is a completely new concept in sandwich sheet material for display applications. It comprises two coated aluminium sheets laminated over a polyethylene core.

This sandwich setup allows to achieve excellent mechanical performance at minimal weight. The very high rigidity of a sandwich panel is achieved thanks to interaction of its components under flexural load applied to the panel: core takes the shear loads and creates a distance between the skins which take the in-plane stresses, one skin in tension, the other in compression

ACP Pro-Bond Aluminium Sheets

It is this new core material which gives the product its extremely light weight and makes it suitable for both interior and exterior applications. The aluminium sandwich panel gives the product exceptional flatness and rigidity.

Available in a single sided gloss or double sided (gloss/matt) finish.

Sheet Size

Sheet Size
3MM3050mm X 1500mm2500mm X 1250mm2440mm X 1220mm
0.20mm aluminium skin, 1 sided white gloss, 1 side white matt (fabrication grade)0.08mm aluminium skin, 1 sided white gloss3050mm X 1500mm

Colour Range

Colour Range
Butler FinishSilver MetallicSilver Metallic
Full Aluminium sheet is also available (non composite) as follows:
  • Butler Finish Aluminium 8ft X 4ft
  • White Alumimium sheet 8ft X 4ft – 1.2mm thickness

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