Corriboard Sheet – Fluted Polypropylene Sheet

What is Fluted Polypropylene sheet: – a fluted Twin wall structured sheet. The fluted rib structure supports both faces of the sheet. Producing a lightweight, extremely robust sheet that is tough, impact, chemical and water resistant. Also referred to as Corriboard or Correxboard. Manufactured from polypropylene polymer the material is 100% recyclable.

Principal Properties Of Corriboard:

Corriboard Fluted Polypropylene can be Corona treated to improve its ink adhesion for both screen and digital printing. It can be vinyl lettered also. Co-extruded sheets are available to improve the surface finish. The addition of master batches can achieve fire rating, anti-static properties and a wide array of colours also. The expansion in digital colour printing has seen Corriboard become popular as a substrate which gives an environmental solution.

Cutting & Fabrication:

Corriboard sheets can be cut to size by Saw, Guillotine, Scored, or Die cut. The sheets can be glued, riveted and ultrasonically welded.

Applications / Uses:

Signage, Display, Exhibition, P-O-S, Industrial & promotional packaging. Non-Corona sheets are used for Wall and floor protection on construction sites. Pallet bases and corner protection. Product interleaving / protection. Corriboard / Correxboard is a cost effective solution in all these applications.

Flute Direction & Gramage:

The direction of the flute provides the greatest strength in the sheet. Long Flute (LF) denotes the direction of the flute chambers. Sheet thickness combined with chamber width and gramage (weight / m2) are also major factors contributing to the sheets overall rigidity. Certain parameters apply to the thickness & gramage combinations which are achievable. An indication of these industry standards are outlined in the next section.

Sheet Thickness & Gramage:

Thicknesses from 2mm – 10mm are readily available. Ex stock thickness /gramage are:

  • 2mm/300gms
  • 3mm/450gms,
  • 3.8mm/600gms
  • 4mm/650gms
  • 5mm/800gms
  • 5.5mm/1100gms
  • 5.5mm/1350gms
  • 9.5mm/1700gms

Non-Standard thickness / gramage are available on request, subject to minimum order quantity and production lead-times.

Sheet Sizes:

Various combinations of sheet widths up to 2500mm wide are available. Sheet lengths are curtailed only by the physical ability to handle longer lengths. Generally, sheets over 4M are cumbersome and not widely requested.

Available sheet size standards are:- 1220mm x 2440mm (LF), 975mm x 3050mm (LF), 1220 x 3050mm(LF), 1560mm x 3050mm (LF), 2050mm x 3050mm (LF) and 2500mm x 3050mm(LF).

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