Eco Secondary Glazing

The Eco Secondary Glazing System uses plastic panels to block drafts and noise over existing single glazed or double glazed windows.Eco secondary glazing is also effective in eliminating condensation on the inside of windows.

Eco Secondary Benefits Include

  • 1. Cost Saving
  • 2. Energy Saving
  • 3. Heat Insulation & Noise Reduction
  • 4. Condensation Reduction


The secondary glazing works by capturing an air pocket between your existing pane of glass and the new sheet of plastic.Plastic panels are placed over existing window frames using a magnetic tape system.

The following materials can be used for secondary glazing:-

Acrylic Sheets
Acrylic Perspex Sheets is 8-10 times stronger than glass and has a high resistance to UV rays.

Polycarbonate Solid Sheets
Polycarbonate Solid Sheets can be used instead of Perspex or Acrylic. It offers additional strength (20 times stronger than glass) and also carries a Fire Rating BS476: Part 7

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Additional Elements for Eco Secondary Glazing:

Secondary Glazing Magnetic Tape
The magnetic tape is supplied as a ‘kit’ and includes the magnetic tape which is fitted around the plastic panel and also the white steel receiver tape which is fitted around the window frame. The rolls are supplied 15mtrs in length and are cut to size by you and applied to the panels (or edging strip) during installation. Magnetic tape is available in either brown or white.

The magnetic tape is approx. 2mm in thickness. The steel tape is measured in microns (less than 1mm) and is approx. the same thickness as a page of paper.

The magnetic tape is applied to the plastic panel. If using white, the steel tape is applied to the window frame. If using brown, the brown tape is applied to both the plastic panel and another brown tape is applied to the window frame.
If using the magnetic tape without the edging strip, please note that it will be visible through the sheet when the sheet is fixed in place.

While magnetic tape is ideal for small to medium sized windows, the secondary glazing effect is not reliant on the use of magnetic tape and holding large sheets of plastic in place can be achieved by other means.
The magnetic tape system is not a permanent fix. Panels can be removed simply by grabbing edges of the plastic panel and pulling.

PLEASE NOTE: Magnetic tape works best on small to medium size windows. Where larger sheets of plastic are being used, additional mechanical support may be used to hold plastic sheets in place.

Secondary Glazing Edging Strip
The PVC edging strip is optional. It is fitted around the edge of the plastic panels to give a neat finish almost giving the illusion of a framed edge. Strips are available in 1.9mtr length lengths and can easily be cut to smaller sizes by you with a hack saw or fine saw.

Eco Secondary Glazing Installation Instructions:

Eco secondary glazing is an easy to install DIY solution. See how easy it it to measure your window and install eco secondary glazing in your home.

Eco Secondary Glazing Installation Instructions:

ecoglaze-secondary glazing-installation-instructions