PVC Foam sheet for high quality digital printing, with a fine cell structure & smooth, bright white surface

The outstanding print performance and low flammability of Ex-Cel Impress makes it perfect for high resolution imaging for exhibition displays.

Ex-Cel Impress is widely used in the retail sector for all kinds of print & display applications.

Ex-Cel Impress is perfect of all kinds of printed signage. It provides outstanding results with all digital print technologies.

Ex-Cel Impress Characteristics

  • Superb, ultra-smooth bright white matt surface
  • Very flat, highly consistent finish
  • Protected with green PE film on one side
  • UV Stable
  • Low flammability
  • Perfect for high quality digital print
  • Available in a wide range of thicknesses and sheet sizes

Ex-Cel Impress Applications

  • Retail Display
  • Signage
  • Exhibitions
  • Construction/Interiors


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