PVC Foam sheet with a satin smooth, super-hard surface

Ex-Cel Integral Foam is the PVC Foam sheet that’s perfect for fabrication, construction and more.

Ex-Cel Integral Foam is produced by the Celuka process, giving excellent hardness, smoothness and resistance to dents and scratches. It’s light and moisture resistant with closed edges, making it suitable for internal and external use.

Rigid, lightweight, gloss surfaced Ex-Cel Integral Foam is the ideal solution for fabrication of all kinds of interior design features and Point-of-Sale items.

Ex-Cel Integral Foam Characteristics

  • Ultra-smooth and hard gloss white surfaces
  • Lightweight & moisture resistant – suitable for internal and external applications
  • Excellent acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Wide range of thicknesses up to 30mm
  • Easy to process with conventional tools
  • Low flammability, self-extinguishing – suitable for exhibition displays & internal partitions

Ex-Cel Integral Foam is a highly versatile lightweight construction material, suitable for specialist projects like this ambulance interior.

Ex-Cel Integral Foam is ideal for cut-out lettering with sharp, defined edges.


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