What is Foam PVC Sheet?

Foam PVC is an extruded light weight, rigid PVC thermoplastic sheet. Combining a closed / tight cell structure together with a uniform smooth (slightly ‘orange peel’) surface finish. Producing a lightweight, extremely robust sheet that is tough, impact, chemical and water resistant.

Foamalux PVC sheet offers a superior substrate for direct colour printing. Similar brands are referred to as Palight, Foamex, Foamalite, Falcon. Manufactured from PVC resin the material is 100% recyclable.

Principal Properties Of Foam PVC Sheets:

Foamalux Foam PVC sheet achieves outstanding reproduction print quality and clarity due principally to its bright white colour and UV stability formulation. Combined with its consistent surface finish, Hard FLAT rigid surface, bright white colour Foamalux Bright White Foam PVC is the obvious choice for direct digital, screen and lithographic printing.

The sheet readily accepts digital and sign vinyl (Oracal & OraJet) and is ideal for Photographic image mounting.

The sheet is Fire rated to comply with all internationally recognised standards. Chemically resistant to most chemicals and atmospheric pollutants.

Cutting & Fabrication:

Foamalux Foam PVC sheets can be cut to size by Saw, Guillotine, Scored, or CNC routered. They are easily glued / solvent welded, hot air / butt welded, riveted, nailed and drilled. The sheets in thinner gauges can be die cut. Hot wire bending and drape forming is also possible with Foamalux sheets.

Main Applications For Foam PVC

Foam PVC Sheet Grades / Brands

  • FOAMALUX - Standard Foam PVC sheet – White only
  • FOAMALUX XTRA – Composite Foam PVC sheet – White exterior (virgin grade 1 or 2 sides) with a 80% recycled black core.
  • FOAMALUX ULTRA – Gloss Foam PVC sheet – White & Colours
  • FOAMALUX COLOUR – Available in Bright White & 15 Vibrant Colours

Sheet Thickness:

  • Thicknesses from 1mm – 19mm are readily available
  • Ex stock thickness range 1mm / 2mm / 3mm / 5mm / 6mm / 8mm / 10mm / 13mm / 15mm & 19mm
  • Non-Standard thicknesses are available on request, subject to minimum order quantity and production lead-times

Sheet Sizes:

Various combinations of sheet widths up to 2050mm wide are available. Sheet lengths 6m available on request.

Foam PVC is available ex stock standard sheet sizes are:- 2440 x 1220mm, 3050 x 1220mm, 3050 x 1560mm, and 3050 x 2050mm

Buy Foam PVC Sheets Online

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