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Access Plastics are a leading supplier of glazing accessories. You can select from our range of rafter glazing bar systems, from Twinfix and Capex to hold the glazing very securely in place.

Twinfix Glazing Accessories

Twinfix glazing bars designed to provide a range of spanning distances for a multitude of applications from domestic lean-to conservatories to large commercial glazing areas.

An aluminium capped rafter gasket glazing system into which multiwall polycarbonate up to 25mm thickness can be fitted. The P261 system is designed to be fitted onto 60mm wide rafters and consists of a 60mm wide rafter gasket, an aluminium cap, gaskets and a push fit end plate. The rafter gasket is nailed to the rafter using galvanised nails at 300mm intervals, the glazing sheet sits on the rafter gasket and the cap is drilled at intervals no more than 350mm apart. 65mm stainless steel wood screws are then fitted through the cap into the rafter. A screw cover cap is needed to cover and protect the head of the screw

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Capex Glazing System

Whether it’s a new conservatory build or refurbishment, a lean-to or simply a covered section of your garden or driveway, Access Plastics supply all the necessary materials to accomplish the task. A large range of fixing accessories are available to compliment installation of Multi-wall sheet and flat polycarbonate sheet.

Capping Bars are used to fix glazing sheet to wooden rafters. The manufacturing guidelines for fixing Marlon Multi-wall Sheet states that rafters should be at least 700mm apart. RAG gasket is fixed to the rafter using pins/small nails and then the edges of two sheets meet on top. The gap between sheets should be at least 10-15mm apart to allow for thermal expansion. The capping bar sits over the join of the two sheets and is screwed down from above, fixing the capping bar to the rafter and clamping both sheets in the process. The same capping bars are used in the installation of Multi-wall sheet are also used in the installation of flat sheet polycarbonate.

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