How To Install A Multiwall Polycarbonate Roof

Access Plastics are the leading supplier of multiwall polycarbonate in Ireland.

Polycarbonate is a remarkable insulating glazing material manufactured from damage-resistant polycarbonate with co-extruded longlife protection from the effects of UV weathering.

This video explains sheet fitting instructions for multiwall polycarbonate:

Multiwall Polycarbonate is best known for its very high impact resistance, fine optical clarity and excellent fire performance.
These unique qualities make the ideal glazing option for a range of domestic, leisure and industrial applications.

This video explains how to install a multiwall polycarbonate  roof:

Installation Detailing for Multiwall Polycarbonate

The UV protected surface of Marion ST is covered at manufacture with a branded film. This should always be on the outside of the installation. A further plain film is applied to the inner surface.

  • To install, the films should be peeled back about 50mm to allow clean sheet insertion into the glazing system and application of end tapes and closure.
  • It is essential to prevent ingress of moisture, dust and insects by applying the appropriate tapes, closure and sealant.
  • Sheets must not be fixed or clamped too tightly as this will prevent thermal expansion and contraction and will adversely affect the installation.
  • At the eaves purlin of the structure and generally when the structure is located in a windy area additional fixing is necessary. Cladding buttons are used for this purpose.
  • Drill a hole through the sheet at the appropriate position and screw the cladding button until it can just be turned by hand. Do not over tighten. Holes for cladding buttons should be 18mm in diameter at the eaves.
  • The maximum overhang of the end of the sheet should be 50-60mm. This will ensure proper run off of rainwater into the gutter.

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