Description: This double-sided tape consists of a polyester film carrier, layered on both sides with a solvent pure acrylate adhesive. It has a good resistance to UV radiation, extreme temperatures and humidity. Because of its high adhesive and good cold-flow qualities this tape is suitable for the adhesion of foams or flexible materials and has a durable, adhesive quality on low energy surfaces. The polyester carrier film enables effective application of elastic materials. The adhesive is lined with a white double-sided silicone paper.

Carrier: Polyester film, 12 micron

Liner: Brown paper, both sides coated with silicone, 90 g/m²

Adhesive: solvent pure acrylate

Area of use: Suitable as a self-adhesive medium for open or closed cell foams as well as materials supplied in roll form such as felt, film, paper and textiles.

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