ORACAL 7510 Fluorescent Premium Cast

Description: High performance cast fluorescent film with high visibility when illuminated by all daylight conditions. Especially effective in twilight and bad sight conditions.

Release paper: Silicone coated paper on one side, 137 g/m².

Adhesive: Solvent polyacrylate, permanent

Area of use: For outdoor applications. Designed for warning signs, vehicle and bus advertising, name plates and graphics of all types that requires special high- impact visibility. Very good suitable for die-cut plotter systems.

,p>Printing method: Recommended is screen printing

Fluorescent cast PVC film (150 micron); 7 glossy colours; intense luminescence at daylight exposure makes it ideal for advertising; for short-term applications; solvent polyacrylate, permanent

Standard widths in mm at lengths of 50m: 378, 466, 500, 630, 756, 1000, 1260, further widths on request

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