ORACAL 975 Premium Carbon Structure Cast

Description: Multilayer casted PVC film with outstanding dimensional stability and optimum application characteristics. Surface with structured carbon effect, available in several colours. The applied film has an excellent keeping of surface finish even after mechanical and thermal stress.

Release paper: PE-coated release paper on both sides, 148 g/m².

Adhesive: Solvent polyacrylate, repositionable, permanent, transparent

Area of use: Particularly developed for surface refinement in car design with highest requirements for durability and solidity. Also suitable on uneven and arched surfaces. Good removability with appropriate equipment.

Multi layer Cast PVC (130micron); structured carbon optic; several colours; surface refinement in car design; high dimensional stability, excellent keeping of surface finish; for uneven and arched surfaces; solvent polyacrylate, repositionable; permanent

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