ORAFOL launches new customised conspicuity tape: ORALITE® VC 104+ Imagine Evo

VC 104 EVO-06e795a1

ORALITE VC 104+ Imagine Evo

ORAFOL continues to be in the fast lane, when it comes to keeping ahead in the market for reflective marking tapes for the transport industry. The newest addition to the range is ORALITE® VC 104+ Imagine Evo. This is the second generation of the Imagine tape, which was introduced already several years ago. The product was the first of its kind to enable integration of customer logos directly into the reflective tape. But where this great 24-7 branding was until now just for large volumes, the new Imagine Evo tape opens up this possibility also for small quantities down to just 6 rolls.

The new tape is available for application onto HGVs with rigid surfaces, and in three different variants:

Silver tape: Single or multi coloured print
Yellow tape: Black print
Red tape: White print

ORAFOL has over the last decade thoroughly cemented its position as European market leader for ECE 104 approved tapes, and continues to lead the way.