ORAJET 3675 Window Graphics Film

Description: After printing on the film surface the picture becomes visible while the perforated black backing allows light to pass through. The ratio of the printable area of the total surface is 50%. The small hole diameter of 1,5mm enables a relatively special fine print.

Release paper:Silicone coated paper, non perforated, 135 g/m². For better protection the liner of the perforated self-adhesive material is overlapping on both sides.

Adhesive: Solvent polyacrylate, permanent, transparent

Area of use: For short- and medium-term advertising graphics on vehicles, shop windows or other even surfaced transparent advertising media from glass that should allow light easily to pass through from the back. As in outdoor application humidity may gather in the perforation, the transparency can be essentially reduced. Therefore, the perforated vinyl has to be protected after printing with the laminating film ORAGUARD 297, especially developed for this application. To be used only in dry application.

Printing method: Inkjet printing with solvent based inks or Latex inks

Certiifcates: German General Type Approval acc. to § 22a StVZO, Federal German Road Traffic Licensing Order: ABG-no. D5477 (not laminated) and ABG-no. D5350 (laminated with ORAGUARD 297)

Perforated special PVC film (140 micron); hole diameter of 1.5 mm; 50% printable area; black back side; for outdoor applications (e.g. shop windows, vehicle window panes, not laminated or laminated with ORAGUARD 297); solvent polyacrylate, permanent

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