ORALITE 5600E Fleet Marking Grade

Description: The weatherproof, self-adhesive, retroreflective ORALITE reflective films series 5600E FLEET MARKING GRADE boast high flexibility combined with excellent corrosion and solvent resistance. The retroreflective system of the ORALITE reflective films series 5600E FLEET MARKING GRADE consists of catadioptric glass beads which are embedded in a transparent layer of plastic material (design A, formerly Type I).

The ORALITE reflective films series 5600 E FLEET MARKING GRADE comply with ECE Regulation No. 104 for material class E. The reflective material displays an approval (water mark) applied every 100mm. The approval mark shows the material class (E), the ECE regulation number (104) and the approval number (002246).

Front material Special cast PVC film

Release paper: PE coat applied to silicone-coated cardboard on either side, 145 g/m². As the product and batch number are applied to the silicone-coated paper, all production parameters and raw materials can be completely traced back.

Adhesive: Solvent polyacrylate, permanent, removable by heat

Area of use: ORALITE reflective films series 5600 FLEET ENGINEER GRADE were especially developed for high quality car wrappings to produce lettering, markings and decorations which may be applied within contour markings in accordance with ECE 104. They are suitable for use on cutting plotters and provide good adaptability including to corrugations and rivets.

Printing method: Inkjet printing with solvent based inks, UV- or Latex inks; Screen printing

Recommended laminating films: ORAGUARD 290F, ORAGUARD 293F

Reflective film with cast PVC finish (design A, class E, 110-140 micron); 15 colours; good adaptability to corrugations and rivets; for vehicle livery acc. to ECE 104 and for applications >2m²; durability: 7 years;

Standard widths in mm at lengths of 25m, 50m: 610, 1220, only white: 760, 914, 1370, 1520, further widths on request

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