Description: This tape consists of a black coloured, closed-cell polyethylene foam coated on both sides with a pure acrylate adhesive. This adhesive is lined with a blue paper coated on both sides with silicone and polyethylene. The pure acrylate adhesive guarantees a high final strength and is resistant to extreme temperatures, plasticisers, acids, leaches and solvents. It is inert towards different lacquers for mirrors.

Carrier: closed-cell polyethylene foam, black coloured, thickness 1000 micron

Liner: blue paper, both sides coated with silicone and polyethylene

Adhesive: solvent pure acrylate

Area of use: Used for the installation of mirrors in the furniture and sanitary industry. The recommended amount of applied adhesive area per 1kg mirror weight is 60 cm². For adhesion of aluminium, steel and GRP outer skins during the construction of truck containers. For the fixing of type and capacity signs as well as displays and product prototypes in the advertising industry. For the fixing of panels and handles in the appliance and electrical industry. Ideal for use in exhibitions, conferences and interior fit-outs. This product provides an excellent bonding performance in the manufacture of solar panels offering long-term exterior adhesion to aluminium and glass panels.

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