PanelTim - Pioneer in plastic sandwich panels

PanelTim (PP and PE) is a new plastic product used worldwide as dividers, walls and doors in animal buildings and as construction sheets as the better-quality, eco-friendly product for Agro, Hygiene and Construction purposes.

PanelTim construction sheets are light, yet solid and rigid sheets suitable for welding constructions.

General Benefits of PanelTim Sheets

Panel Tim Polypropylene & Polyethylene Sheet

Advantages of PP (Polypropylene) and PE (Polyethylene)

PanelTim Construction Sheets

Light | Solid | Rigid

Paneltim construction sheets are light, yet solid and rigid panels suitable for welding constructions. The panels have a sandwich construction of 51mm thick and are very solid in both length and width due to the internal cell structure with ribs of 50/50 mm or 50/100 mm. They can be cut and made into any dimension by hot mirror welding.

Paneltim construction sheets are made from polypropylene copolymer (PPCO) or high density polyethylene (PEHD), coloured in the mass. The panels are comple- tely resistant to practically all chemical substances, impacts and highly resistant to dynamic shocks.

Benefits Of PanelTim Construction Sheets

The sheets are easy to weld using buttwelder, hot air or extrusion welders to make all kinds of constructions. Due to the superior strength of the internal structure, constructions made from Paneltim sheets require very little reinforcement compared with those made from solid panels.
Optional additives: UV stabilisation, flame retarder, fibreglass.

Paneltim Antiskid Sheets

The Paneltim antiskid sheets are light, solid and closed. They are ideal for floor sections, and can be made in all sizes.

The antiskid structure has a difference in height of the studs: 2 and 2.5mm.
The antiskid sheet is easy to clean thoroughly with a minimum of water.
The sheets are closed all round and insure optimal hygiene. Internal pollution is not possible.

Paneltim Welding Rod

Paneltim sheets are easy to weld using butt- welder, hot air or extrusion welders to make all kinds of constructions. We can provide you of PP Copo and PEHD welding rod.