PLEXIGLAS® Hi Gloss sheets are made of acrylic containing colored or special-effect pigments. The sheets are provided with an additional perfectly smooth, high-gloss layer of clear transparent PLEXIGLAS® that enhances the colors or special effects and makes them glow even brighter.

All colors in the PLEXIGLAS® sales range (Silver, Interference, Gold, Metallic and Multicolor Pigments) are suitable for high-gloss, eyecatching applications.
Hi-Gloss C1 grades have a colored acrylic layer on one side and a clear-transparent PLEXIGLAS® core. Hi-Gloss C2 grades have a colored acrylic core and are coated on both sides with a layer of clear transparent PLEXIGLAS®. Both grades of acrylic sheet are obtained by a co-extrusion process that permanently fuses up to three independent melt streams of high-quality PLEXIGLAS®.

PLEXIGLAS® Hi Gloss Applications

Some of the main applications of PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss are:

Solid Sheet Options - Cast Acrylic - Hi Gloss

In addition to the typical properties of PLEXIGLAS® such as, ease of fabrication, high surface hardness, low weight - half the weight of glass, very high weather resistance, 11 times the impact strength of glass and excellent light transmission and brilliance - all PLEXIGLAS ® Hi-Gloss grades offer high gloss and deep-view colour effect. As additional properties, PLEXIGLAS® high gloss C1 offers: resistance to high and low temperatures, resistance to wet/dry cycling, resistance to chemicals and good resistance to stress cracking.
ColourNumberColour Sample
WhiteWM596 C1white
Latte1M595 C1latte
Lemon1M800 C1plexigas-hi-gloss-lemon
Gold2M801 C1plexigas-hi-gloss-gold
Red3M571 C1plexigas-hi-gloss-red
Ocean5M800 C1plexigas-hi-gloss-ocean
ColourNumberColour Sample
Pistachio6M530 C1plexigas-hi-gloss-pistachio
Silver-White7M501 C1plexigas-hi-gloss-silver-white
Anthracite7M896 C1plexigas-hi-gloss-anthracice
Taupe8M503 C1plexigas-hi-gloss-taupe
Espresso8M800 C1plexigas-hi-gloss-espresso
Black9M871 C1plexigas-hi-gloss-black

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