PMMA sheets with optical functionalities, high light guidance and distribution provide a uniformly bright and perfectly sharp picture, especially in display applications. The one-side surface treatment of PLEXIGLAS® Optical hard coated (HC) offers excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

PLEXIGLAS® Optical 0Z003

PLEXIGLAS® Optical 0Z003 is a thin (0.5 – 1.5 mm) extruded sheet material that was designed for applications with very high demands in terms of optical and surface quality.

PLEXIGLAS® Optical 0Z024

PLEXIGLAS® Optical 0Z024 meets extremely high optical requirements. Its high light transmission – especially over long light paths – makes it the ideal acrylic for light guides and edge lighting. PLEXIGLAS® Optical 0Z024 is a clear, highly transparent solid sheet made of extruded acrylic (polymethyl methacrylate, PMMA).

With the appropriate printing, laser-cutting or routing, PLEXIGLAS® Optical ensures that the input light is emitted towards the viewer with almost no losses. Compared with conventional acrylic, PLEXIGLAS® Optical 0Z024 makes it possible to produce energy-saving installations with the same luminance.

PLEXIGLAS ® Optical Hard Coated (HC)

PLEXIGLAS ® Optical hard coated (HC) is an extruded acrylic sheet material. The surface coating offers excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals. The material also shows outstanding optical properties. The sheet is coated on one side and is particularly recommended for demanding applications exposed to heavy wear and frequent cleaning.

PLEXIGLAS ® Optical hard coated also provides optimal protection in high-traffic areas. The coating preserves the material’s surface appearance. Surface textures are available on request and the coating can also be applied to one side of different substrate material.


Some examples of PLEXIGLAS® Optical in action

PLEXIGLAS® Optical Properties & Applications

PLEXIGLAS® Optical Properties

In addition to the well-known and time-tested properties of PLEXIGLAS®, such as

  • • excellent light transmission and brilliance
  • • very high weather resistance
  • • ease of fabrication
  • • low weight – about half the weight of glass
  • • 11 times the impact strength of glass
  • • 100% recyclability

Technical Data

ColourColour NumberTransmission TypeTransmission %Transmission
High Purity
Clear0Z003transparent92%constant transmission for all thicknesses
Hard Coated (HC)
Clear0A570 HCtransparent92%constant transmission for all thicknesses
Clear0A000 HCtransparent92%constant transmission for all thicknesses

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