PLEXIGLAS® LED Mirror / Reflections

PLEXIGLAS® LED Reflections are extruded polymethyl metacrylate (PMMA) sheets, with a one-side reflective mirror surface coating. An opaque back paint protects the coating. PLEXIGLAS® Reflections is available in classic silver. In addition to smooth and high-gloss surfaces, several metallic satin and textured grades are available which are resistant to finger prints and scratches.

The classic silver sheet is also available as PLEXIGLAS® Reflections with a one-side hard coated surface. Die coated surface offers excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

PLEXIGLAS® LED Reflections Applications

Applications for PLEXIGLAS® Reflections are as wide as its product range:

PLEXIGLAS® Reflections is intended for indoor use, but not in bathrooms, indoor swimming pools or saunas. It has only limited resistance to humidity and outdoor exposure. Outdoor use can be improved by covering the coated side with a clear PLEXIGLAS ® sheet and carefully sealing the edges. PLEXIGLAS® Reflections sheets are normally flammable with a B2 rating to DIN 4102 and Class E according to DIN EN 13501.

PLEXIGLAS® Reflections Further Information


PLEXIGLAS® Reflections can be machined with the same parameters and equipment as standard acrylic sheet. However, in some instances better results can be obtained if the orientation of the decorative surface is taken into account during fabrication. Make sure the cutting tools used for sawing, drilling, routing and edge treatment enter the clear surface and exit through the reflecting surface. .


When bonding PLEXIGLAS® Reflections on the clear side, the same methods and adhesives commonly used for PLEXIGLAS® can be applied. If bonding the reflective surface, the adhesives may attack and destroy the reflective coating. To avoid delamination, the clear side of PLEXIGLAS® Reflections mirror should be treated with the same care as any other mirror. This means tapes, films, foams and adhesives used for fastening must be compatible with the protective lacquer.

The surface on the hard coated side must be prepared for bonding. First of all, the coating must be wet-sanded or routed off on the side to be bonded. After removing the coating, it should be ensured that the area to be bonded is flat, clean and free from stress

Product Range

Plexiglas reflections is available in the following grades and sizes:

Color and grade Thickness (mm)Size
Clear 0Z025 2-5mm3050mmx2050mm
Clear 0Z025 HC 2-5mm3050mmx2050mm
* Upon request numerous colors and satin surfaces are available


Because of its elasticity, PLEXIGLAS® Reflections readily adapts to any unevenness. The substrate is the first condition for obtaining a good optical appearance with PLEXIGLAS® Reflections. Correct fastening also plays a crucial role. PLEXIGLAS® Reflections can be fastened for example on all sides in clamping profile systems, by linear fastening in a clamping system along the top edge, by double-sided adhesive foam tapes applied as strips, or by double-sided adhesive films or foams across the entire surface of the material.

The use of adhesive tapes to fasten PLEXIGLAS MIRROR XT may lead to slight optical distortions depending on the product used. These are not obtrusive when viewed close up, however. Bonding across the entire surface is recommended especially for large mirrors where a good optical effect (low distortion) is important. It should be borne in mind that the intermediate layer of the surfaces to be bonded must allow for differences in expansion due to heat and humidity.

Bonding should be performed on a clean, flat surface. Paint runs, pimples and similar irregularities should be sanded down and the resulting dust wiped off with a damp cloth.


PLEXIGLAS® Reflections can be cold-curved in two dimensions. The following minimum bending radii are to be observed: 330mm x sheet thickness in mm.

Spherical forming of PLEXIGLAS® Reflections is only conditionally possible by installation under constraint (cold forming).

Line-Bending and thermoforming:

Hot line bending and thermoforming of PLEXIGLAS® Reflections mirror is not recommended since the mirror surface may become dull and the protective coating at the back may chip off. Moreover the surface of the hard coated sheet can be destroyed when thermoformed.


Store PLEXIGLAS® Reflections horizontally on a perfectly flat surface. Sheets should not be stored vertically, or stored near heat sources.


Clean PLEXIGLAS® Reflections with a mild soap solution or cleaning agent and lukewarm water. Use a soft, clean cloth applying only light pressure (no rubbing).

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