Polyethylene - Polystone® G natural - PE-HD / PE 300

Polystone® G is a high-density polyethylene suitable for numerous industrial applications. Polyethylene sheet has good mechanical properties and excellent chemical resistance, low wear / friction properties, outstanding impact strength, and is food safe – PolyStone G in Black is suitable for contact with drinking water.

Combined with ease of fabrication and weldablity, Polyethylene is the first choice in chemical engineering, tank building, medical and clean room applications.

Type of Product

Compression moulded sheets, extruded sheets, round rods, square tubes, U profile, welding wire, coils.


Natural, Black & Special colours
Polystone® G is a high-density polyethylene suitable for numerous industrial applications.
Polystone® G blue HD is ideal for applications in the drinking water sector because of its colour similar to RAL 5015.

Sheet Sizes - High Density Polyethylene HDPE

3000 x 1500mm Natural3000 x 1500mm Black4000 x 2000mm Natural4000 x 2000mm Black

Special Properties

Typical Areas of Application

Polystone M

Access Plastics Ltd also offer Polystone® M PE-UHMW/PE 1000 – Ultra-high-molecular weight polyethylene

Polystone® M is an ultra-high-molecular polyethylene (PE-UHMW/PE 1000) used to solve friction, wear and material flow problems in many areas of industry. The material is distinguished for its outstanding sliding properties, extreme wear resistance, high impact strength and very high resistance to chemicals and has established itself in technical applications.

Sliding and conveyor parts made of Polystone® M
High-molecular weight polyethylene

Polystone D

Hygienic cutting boards made of Polystone® D with stainless steel grip

Polystone® D is a high-molecular polyethylene (PE-HMW/PE 500) which is outstanding for its good mechanical properties such as scratch- and cut resistance and excellent acid resistance. The material is used in various branches of industry such as the foodstuffs and bottling industry or in medical technology.


Wetbenches made of Polystone® P-white and Polystone® PVDF in the manufacturing of semiconductors.

Polystone® PVDF and SUSTAPVDF are a vinylidene-fluoride-based polymerisate outstanding for their excellent chemical resistance, excellent machinability and universal applicability.

Because of their special properties Polystone® PVDF and SUSTAPVDF are especially suited for applications in the chemical industry. The high purity makes them the ideal materials for the semiconductor industry.

High-molecular polymerisate

Sustapeek - Semi-crystalline thermoplastic

Field of application: Parts exposed to high temperatures, mechanical loads and, for example, x-rays or gamma rays. Teletronics, transportation, medical technology, aerospace industry,chemical engineering e.g. electric insulators and housings, wire and cable insulation, rotor arms, friction discs and seals, shock absorbers, components for analytical equipment, components for dialysis equipment, valve linings, impeller wheels for pumps.
  • excellent dimensional stability
  • hardly inflammable and self-extinguishing
  • extremely low smoke density
  • very high resistance to high-energy radiation
  • outstanding sliding properties
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • high wear resistance
  • optimised balance of stiffness, tensile strength and impact strength
  • low creep tendency
  • good machinability
  • good thermoformability
  • good weldability
  • good electrical insulating properties over a broad temperature range<
  • good adhesive properties
  • high dimensional stability under heat
  • extremely high continuous service temperature
  • low coefficient of linear thermal expansion

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