Polypropylene - Polystone P

Polystone® P is an isotactic, highly heat-stable polypropylene (PP) available both as a homopolymer and as a copolymer. Polystone® P materials lend themselves to many different applications, particularly in chemical engineering and tank building and medical and clean room technology.

Polypropylene sheet combines excellent chemical resistance with ease of fabrication. It is a food safe product with a low co-efficient of friction, a high softening temperature and outstanding impact strength.

Polypropylene, a amorphons polymer from polyolefin family, today one of the major polymers, both in terms of applications & processing. Polypropylene Extruded Sheets has good mechanical & excellent chemical resistance at wide range of working temperatures.

The versatility of Polypropylene sheets provides wide range of uses in chemical and engineering applications. As Polypropylene has excellent weldability, chemical processing and storage tanks are being fabricated by Polypropylene sheet.

Polypropylene Extruded Sheets are manufactured with various grades of material to suit end numbers of application. Our Polypropylene sheets are processed with utmost grade of virgin material to provide most excellent quality. Polypropylene Sheets are of glossy smooth surface available in various thickness, sizes, colours & grades.

Polypropylene is available in thicknesses from 2mm to 12mm and in sheet sizes up to 2.44m x 1.22m (8ft X 4ft).

Polystone® P copolymer materials are outstanding for their toughness at temperatures down to -30C, as well as their high strength and high chemical corrosion resistance. Standard: block copolymer, randon copolymer on request

PolyStone P (PP-CoPolymer) Sheet Size, Thickness & Colours

Thickness (mm)Sheet SizeSheet Size
2mm2440 x 1220mm3000 x 1500mm
3mm2440 x 1220mm3000 x 1500mm
4.5mm2440 x 1220mm3000 x 1500mm
6mm2440 x 1220mm3000 x 1500mm
9mm2440 x 1220mm3000 x 1500mm
12mm2440 x 1220mm3000 x 1500mm
*Non-Standard sheet sizes & thickness’ are available. Minimum order quantities apply.
* 4000 x 2000mm sheet size available on request.
* PP- Homopolymer available on request, minimum quantities do not apply.

Polypropylene Special Properties

  • High Chemical Corrosion Resistance
  • High Heat Resistance
  • High Strength
  • Excellent Weldability

Typical Areas of Application

  • Chemical Engineering & Tank Building
  • Ventilation & Equipment Manufacturing
  • Galvanotechnology
  • Laboratory Technology

PPC Weld Rod Extruded

PPC Extruded Weld Rod comes in matching shades to the sheet supplied. Available in many different profiles and sizes to suit specific requirements.

PPC Leather gain sheet - extruded Black

Thickness (mm)Tolerance Min (mm)Tolerance Max (mm)

PPC pinseal sheet - extruded Beige (RAL7032)

Thickness (mm)Tolerance Min (mm)Tolerance Max (mm)

PPC Weld Rod - extruded Natural/Beige (RAL7032)/Black. Grey/White

Spools (3kg)Coils (2-4kg)
5.2mm5 x 3.5mm
5.7mm6 x 3.6mm

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