PVC Sheets

Marvec PVC is a weather resistant, durable roofing, glazing and cladding material. Available in transparent and opaque colours in a range of profiles, flat sheet options and on a roll, it is light in weight, easy to handle and install in any application. A cost effective material, Marvec PVC offers optional UV protection, chemical resistance and excellent fire performance.

Hygienic Wall & Ceiling Cladding

An innovative antibacterial technology in Marvec FS Bio, PVC sheet is setting standards in hygienic cladding. The antibacterial active ingredient is a silver glass matrix which provides dual biostatic and biocidal action and is 99.9% effective in stopping bacterial growth and killing bacteria on the sheet.

Marvec FS Bio, hygienic wall and ceiling cladding is suitable for use in hygienically demanding non food contact applications which require its antimicrobial action. Innovative antibacterial technology in Marvec FS Bio is setting new standards in hygienic cladding sheet.

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Gloss PVC Hygienic Cladding

Marvec FS Ultra is a durable rigid foam PVC flat sheet with a premium high gloss finish. It is available in pristine white. Combining chemical and impact resistance, Marvec Ultra is a hardwearing and durable material for a range of interior cladding applications.

Marvec FS Ultra is a rigid closed cell foam PVC sheet which incorporates a superb gloss finish, which not only creates a striking feature for interior cladding applications but provides a clinically clean appearance.This pristine white gloss surface is impervious to dirt and grime and can be easily cleaned. Marvec FS Ultra is both hardwearing and durable and is suitable for a range of budget interior cladding applications.

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Rigid PVC Cladding Sheet

Marvec FS is an extruded flat PVC sheet. Combining weatherability, fire performance and chemical resistance in easily workable gloss and matt surfaces, in clear and white options, Marvec FS is suitable for a range of glazing and DIY applications. Light in weight, Marvec FS is easy to handle, cut and install.

Marvec FS is a rigid solid internal wall cladding extruded from a high quality, PVCu polymer for use in operating temperatures from -20°C up to 60°C.The surface is impervious to dirt and grime and is easy to clean. It is impact resistant, meets requirements on health and hygiene and is available in a choice of Satin/Gloss and Matt/Gloss surface finishes.

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Corrugated PVC Sheet

Marvec CS corrugated PVC sheet is an economical rooflight and sidelight glazing material ideal for use in cool temperate climates. It provides superior weather resistance, light transmission, fire performance and excellent durability.

Light in weight, Marvec CS is easy to handle and install. A wide range of profiles are available in 3 performance grades for a range of applications: Premium, High Impact and Standard. Marvec CS Premium – UV protection and 10 year warranty; Marvec CS High Impact – 10 times more impact resistance than Marvec CS Premium; Marvec CS Standard – economy sheet without UV protection.

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Trovidur PVC Sheets

The material is versatile, easily fabricated, vacuum formed and can be solvent glued or hot air welded. Widely used for its chemical resistance and flame retardence.Various grades of PVC are available, each with additional properties for specific applications.

Trovidur PVC sheets are also available in standard colours Dark Grey (RAL 7011), Light Grey (RAL 7001), White & CLEAR. PVC sheets are strong, rigid, has good impact strength and low moisture absorbance.

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Staufen is the rigid PVC that all other print PVC’s are measured by. It is a high-quality sheet with a smooth surface which gives perfect results every time. It is a consistent and reliable product with can be cut to size to tailor all individual projects.

Staufen also comes in a wide range of sizes and finishes, as well as colours.

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Kydex® PVC Sheet

Kydex ® is a thermoplastic (PVC / PMMA copolymer) plastic sheet; extremely impact-resistant and resistant to many aggressive chemicals. It is also self-extinguishing and very heat resistant and is approved for use as interior material in the aircraft industry.

Kydex - Fire Rated, Impact Chemical & Scratch Resistant.

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