Plastic Sheets

There are a wide range of different types of plastics compounds that are engineered and manufactured into thousands of useful products for every industry. Access Plastic’s range of Marlon Polycarbonate, Marvec PVC, Marpet aPET, Foamalux Foam PVC and Marcryl Acrylic has earned a global reputation for quality and performance.

Access Plastics provide an extensive range of plastic sheets to cater for nearly every industry:

Aluminium Sheets

Aluminium sheet metal is very versatile and it comes in a wide range of grades, appearances and finishes which allow it be used in many applications. It is an easy metal to work with to produce complex shapes.

It is very strong yet lightweight around only one third the weight of steel, it also has good corrosion resistance. Aluminium is used in virtually all industries.

Full aluminium sheets are available in composite and non-composite formats. We can provide it in a single side gloss or double side (gloss/matt) finish.

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Glazing Accessories

Whether it’s a domestic conservatory, large industrial applications, a lean-to, gazebo, smoking shelter or even a barbecue cover, Access Plastics can supply the Multi-wall sheet and all the accessories required, meaning you can get everything under one roof (pun intended!).

Our experienced team can advise you on the best materials to use if insulation is your primary concern, UV protected sheet offering extended durability and also all the accessories required for installation.

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Hygienic Cladding Accessories

Hygienic wall cladding panel and sheets are simple to install and can be applied to any surfaces for a clean and attractive environment. These PVC sheet are used in kitchens, hospitals, commercial food preparation areas and showers.

Access Plastics stock a large range of cladding sheets and cladding panels but also have a full range of profiles and fixing accessories available to help you achieve a clean and watertight finish for your project.

Access Plastics provide a complete range of Hygenic Cladding Accessories to ensure that you get the complete job done.

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You can purchase Plastic Sheets from our online store. We provide a Free cut to size service and fast nationwide delivery.