Recycled PETg Flat Sheet

John Vero, owner manager, of Access Plastics Ltd. & APM (Access Plastics Manufacturing) Ltd. both well established companies in the Stockholding, Distribution & Manufacturing thermoplastics industry based in Ashbourne, Co. Meath. John Vero spoke recently with members of EPPA ( European Plastic Producers Association) and the EPDA (European Plastics Distributors Association) highlighting the re-cycling of semi-finished thermoplastic sheet.

“It is incumbent upon all sectors within thermoplastics to re-cycle. Our housekeeping today - will be the legacy we leave to our children and our children’s children in the future” said Mr. Vero.

We at Access Plastics Ltd & APM Ltd are committed to playing our part in plastics re-cycling. And to show this commitment we have launched our new “MarPETg” re-cycled Polyester sheet range:-

MarPETg® Re-Cycled POLYESTER Sheet – CLEAR. Standard sheet size 2500 x 1250mm Thickness:- 3mm , 4mm , 5mm & 6mm thickness.


MarPETg® Re-Cycled POLYESTER Sheet

Recycled PETg flat sheet is an extruded thermoplastic copolyester flat sheet, from recycled PETg (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol Comonomer). The sheet is characterised by excellent strength to weight ratio, outstanding optical clarity, fire resistance and its exceptional thermoforming properties particularly at low temperatures. The superior quality of the sheet ensures suitability for a diversity of applications.

Recycled PETg flat sheet - Product Range

ColourLight Transmission DIN 5036 Standard Sheet Sizes Thickness (mm) U-Value
Clear 87% (3 mm) 2050 x 3050mm 3 to 10 mm 3.81kg/m2 3mm
5.08kg/m2 4mm
6.35kg/m2 5mm
7.62kg/m2 6mm
5.41 W/ m2 K (3mm)

*Non-standard sizes are available subject to minimum order quantities.


Typical Areas Of Application

  • Signage & displays
  • Point of sale equipment
  • Thermoforming
  • Poster covers
  • Vending equipment
  • Protective screens

Typical Properties of recycled Marpet-gfs
(Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol Co-monomer)

Properties Test Method Value
Base polymer Polvethylene Terephthalate Glvcol Co-monomer (PETo)
Density ISO 1183 1.27 q/cm3
Smell Odourless
Moisture absorption (24 hrs (@ 23°C) ISO 62-4 <0.2% by weioht
Water solubility DIN 53122 Insoluble
Transmittance (3000µm) ASTM D-1003 83-87%
Haze (3000 µm) ASTM D-1003 >1%
Tensile Strength at Yield ISO 527 <50 MPa
Tensile Strength at Break ISO 527 <25 MPa
Tensile Elonoation at Yield ISO 527 5%
Tensile Elonoation at Break ISO 527 >100%
Elastic Modulus ISO 178<2100 MPa
Flexural StrenothISO 178<80 MPa
Notched Charpv ImpactISO 1792.5-3 kJ/m2
Rockwell Hardness ( R-Scale) 100R
Vicat Softeninq TemperatureISO 306 (B) 80°C
Thermal conductivity, KDIN 52612 0.2 W/m°K
Thermal expansion coefficientISO 75-2 0.068 mm/m° K
Service Temperature Ranqe 6H55 DC-20 to +60°C

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