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Corrugated PVC Sheet

Marvec CS corrugated PVC sheet is an economical rooflight and sidelight glazing material ideal for use in cool temperate climates. It provides superior weather resistance, light transmission, fire performance and excellent durability. Light in weight, Marvec CS is easy to handle and install. A wide range of profiles are available in 3 performance grades for a range of applications: Premium, High Impact and Standard.

1418059498_Apply Marvec CS Premium – UV protection and 10 year warranty;
1418059498_Apply Marvec CS High Impact – 10 times more impact resistance than Marvec CS Premium;
1418059498_Apply Marvec CS Standard – economy sheet without UV protection.
1418059498_Apply Weatherable & Durable
1418059498_Apply Wide Range of Profiles
1418059498_Apply Lightweight & Easy To Handle
1418059498_Apply Chemical Resistance
1418059498_Apply Economical
1418059498_Apply UV Protection*
1418059498_Apply High Impact Option
1418059498_Apply Low Maintenance
1418059498_Apply Excellent Fire Performance
1418059498_Apply 10 year warranty*

* Applies to Marvec CS Premium and High Impact sheet.
1418059498_Apply Factories
1418059498_Apply Farm Buildings
1418059498_Apply Canopies
1418059498_Apply Patio Covers
1418059498_Apply Greenhouses
1418059498_Apply Warehouses
1418059498_Apply Walkways
1418059498_Apply Pergolas
1418059498_Apply Cladding
1418059498_Apply Thickness: 0.8mm-1.5mm
1418059498_Apply Textures: Embossed
1418059498_Apply Warranty: 10 years
1418059498_Apply Colours & Tints*: Clear, Bronze, Opal
1418059498_Apply UV Protection*

* Subject to request. Minimum order quantities may apply. UV protection and 10 year warranty applies to Marvec CS Premium and High Impact sheets Please contact Access Plastics for further information.
1418059498_Apply Marvec CS Premium: 10 Year Warranty
1418059498_Apply Marvec CS High Impact: Impact Protection & 10 Year Warranty
1418059498_Apply Marvec CS Standard: Limited Warranty
1418059498_Apply Marvec CSF: Economy Corrugated Foam PVC Sheet