Solid Polycarbonate Sheets – Characteristics & Applications

Marlon FS Solid Polycarbonate Sheet is available in 2mm to up and including 20mm thickness.
Available colours include, clear, bronze tint and opal. Solid polycarbonate sheet is 200 times the strength of float glass and is virtually unbreakable. It has a particularly high fire rating and is self extinguishing, so when the source of ignition ( or flame) is removed from the sheet , it will self extinguish. Unlike acrylic, which has a class 3 rating and will continue to support combustion.

The really impressive property of polycarbonate sheet and particularly Marlon FS, is its unbreakable properties, it is virtually indestructible.

What sets Marlon FS polycarbonate sheet aside from all other thermoplastic sheets?
• Impact Resistance
• Optical Clarity
• Suitable for Thermoforming
• Excellent Fire Rating
• High Natural Light Transmission
• Lightweight and Easy To Handle
• Ability To Cold Curve
• Half The Weight Of Glass

Polycarbonate sheet is perfectly suited for vertical glazing, machine guards, cold curved roof lights, covered walkways, displays, illuminated signage, protective screen, bus shelters, canopies and poster holders.

Standard lengths of sheets are 3050mm (120 inches) and 2440mm (96 inches). Non standard lengths, as long as 10m are available on request. Non standard colours are available and require minimum order quantities and are available in blue, green and various other tints and solid opaque colours.

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