Kydex ® Thermoplastic Plastic Sheet

Kydex ® is a thermoplastic (PVC / PMMA copolymer) plastic sheet; extremely impact-resistant and resistant to many aggressive chemicals. It is also self-extinguishing and very heat resistant and is approved for use as interior material in the aircraft industry.

The very impact-resistant Kydex sheets are excellent for sawing, drilling and milling with normal tools. In addition, it can be cold-cut and it is fine to thermoform. Particularly because of the excellent chemical resistance and impact resistance, the material also has many industrial applications, often in the form of thermoformed parts.

KYDEX ® Unique features

  • Very impact-resistant and impact-resistant
  • High chemical resistance
  • Many designs and surface structures
  • Fine and warm to form
  • Self-extinguishing and heat resistant

Machining Possibilities

  • Welding
  • Glue
  • Machining
  • Bend warm
  • Turn cold
  • Forming thermally

KYDEX ® Applications

  • Molded machine parts
  • Provisions
  • Constructive applications
  • Membrane presses from MDF parts
  • Interior parts for aircraft

Kydex - Fire Rated, Impact Chemical & Scratch Resistant.

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