Access Plastics Ltd is Ireland’s leading stockist of plastic sheets.

We stock a large selection of plastic sheets in many thickness and sheet sizes and supply to both the trade and public. We offer a free cut to size service on our plastic sheets and have a fast nationwide delivery service.

There are a wide variety of plastic sheets available, each with different properties and applications. If you are unsure about which plastic sheet you need, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team, who have over 25 years experience and expertise with plastic sheets, on 01-8010022 or by filling out our contact form here.

We have listed below some of the main types of plastic sheets available, their features and main applications, to help you choose the best material for the job in hand:

Plastic SheetMain FeaturesTypical Applications
Multiwall Polycarbonate Plastic SheetsImpact Resistant, Fire Retardant,Optical Clarity, InsulationRoofing,Greenhouses,Glazing, Displays, Signage, Walkways
Polycarbonate Flat Plastic SheetHigh Natural Light Transmission, Impact Resistant,Insulation,Half the Weight of Glass, 200 Times stronger Than GlassGlazing,Machine Guards,Bus Shelters,Protective Visors, Curved Rooflights
Acrylic Sheets / Perspex Sheets8-10 Times Stronger Than Glass, High Resistance To UV Rays, Higher Light Transmission Than GlassGlazing, Displays, Banners, Shop Fittings, Walkways
Polyester (PET) Plastic SheetAlternative to Polycarbonate, Acrylic & PVC in Flat Applications,High Impact Strength, Good Fire RatingPoint of Sale Displays, Price Tag Holders, Shelf Partitions, Poster Glazing, Food Containers
Foam PVC Plastic SheetsGood Surface For Screen Printing, Excellent Colour Reproduction, Silky Smooth Matt SurfaceDisplays,Exhibitions, Point Of Sale, In Store Graphics, Signs -Temporary & Permanent
Polyethylene -Polystone GExcellent Weldability, Low Weight, Long Service Life, Good Chemical Resistance, Almost No Moisture AbsorptionTanks For Water Processing, Chemical Equipment & Containers, Well Construction
Polypropylene - Polystone® PGood mechanical & excellent chemical resistance at wide range of working temperatures.Wide range of uses in chemical and engineering applications.
Polystyrene Plastic SheetSafer and three times stronger than glass, light weight, easily handled and has good workability when cutting and drilling with hand tools.Glazing, Secondary Glazing, Splash Backs, Picture Framing, Green houses, Garden sheds, cloches and cold frames.
PVC Plastic SheetHigh Resistance To Acids, Alkalies & Salt Solutions, Excellent Electrical Insulation Properties, Flame Retardant.Chemical Engineering & Tank Building, Mechanical Engineering & Plant Construction
CorriboardChemical and water resistance combined with ease of printing enhance its popularity with designers, advertisers and printers alike.Advertisement Signage, Estate Agent Signs, Election Posters, POS display, POS & Exhibition Stands

Further Information About Plastic Sheets

Access Plastics provide an extensive range of plastic sheets to cater for nearly every industry. You can find further information on some of our extensive range of plastic sheets below:

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