ORALITE 5010 Screen Printing Ink

Description: The ORALITE® – Screen printing ink Series 5010 is a solventbased, quick-curing two-component system with a glossy, highly weatherproof surface after curing, which is resistant to all common detergents, solvents and chemicals.

Area of use: The ORALITE® – Screen printing ink was especially developed for printing on ORALITE® reflective films the front material of which is made of alkyd resin, acrylic film or top coated polyester for printing. Printings on ORALITE® reflective films of the Series 5810, 5800, 5840, 5710, 5700, 5500 and 5300 of colour 010 (white) are suitable for the manufacture of traffic signs.

Supplying assortment: Range of colours: The following glazing colours are available:

ORALITE® – screen printing ink 5010-020 yellow
ORALITE® – screen printing ink 5010-030 red
ORALITE® – screen printing ink 5010-035 orange
ORALITE® – screen printing ink 5010-050 blue
ORALITE® – screen printing ink 5010-060 green
ORALITE® – screen printing ink 5010-080 brown
ORALITE® – screen printing ink 5010-070 black is opaque

Auxiliary equipment: Curing agent H5010 (delivery lot 150g)
A lot contains 630g screen printing ink and 150g curing agent. Except for the addition of the curing agent, all seven colours are ready for use.
Attention: The curing agent H5010 is sensitive to moisture and has always to be kept in sealed tubes.

Solventbased, two-component screen printing ink; 7 standard traffic colours; for ORALITE reflective films with films of alkyd resin, acryl or polyester film (top-coated for printing); for traffic signs, advertising in bulk; approval acc. to DIN EN 12899

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